Stability Running Shoes – What and Why?

Stability Running Shoes

What exactly is a Stability Running Shoe?

Stability Running Shoe is a type of shoe that brings a winning combination or balance of cushioning and support (a milder type of motion control).

Cushioned Athletic shoes are designed to meet the needs of runners that generally have a have a high arch, or have feet that don’t absorb shock naturally through pronation* – and therefore require a great deal of cushioning.
Motion-Control Athletic shoes are designed to limit pronation* and are for runners that tend to have flat feet or wear orthotics.
-But how about runners that fall somewhere in the centre between these two types of feet?

A Stability Running Shoe is visible as a compromise between a cushioning shoe (also called neutral) and a very supportive motion-control shoe. Because Stability Running Shoes sit between those two extremes (cushioning/neutral shoe and motion control shoe) they generally get neglected and do not receive too much attention.

stability running shoes <strong>Stability Running Shoes   What and Why?</strong>

Stability Running Shoes

Wear Stability Running Shoes if you have a normal arch. Very few people with normal arches require anything else. Normal arches tend to fall between the two extremes of flat footedness and very high arches. Typically for any person with a normal foot type (or with normal arches), a motion control shoe would provide too much support, while a cushioning/neutral shoe would not provide enough protection.

Why wear Stability Running Shoes?

Running shoes is all about wearing the right type. In case your feet have normal/moderate arches, wearing stiff motion control sneakers will hurt you in the long run. Also neutral shoes may not provide enough support for your perfect levels of pronation*.

  • If you have feet with arches which are considered “normal”, Stability Running Shoes can lead to better injury protection, reduced pain (in a variety of areas), and faster and much more comfortable running.
  • However, if you have feet with arches that are considered “normal”, not wearing Stability Running Shoes, or even wearing running shoes that are not specialized for your type of feet can result in running discomfort as well as problems or complications including this problem, knocking knees, nagging pain in the knees, pain on the bones ranging in the feet up to even your lower back.

Things to note about Stability Running Shoes

  • Not all manufacturers make use of the term Stability Running Shoes.
    • Mizuno calls theirs “Mizuno Support”.
    • Asics uses the term “structured cushioning”.
    • Meanwhile, Nike just uses the regular term “Stability”.


*PRONATION (definition) – The slight inward rolling motion the foot makes during a normal walking or running stride. The foot (and ankle) rolls slightly inward to accommodate movement.

*OVERPRONATION (definition) – Excessive inward roll of the foot after landing. The foot is constantly on the roll when it should be pushing off. This twists the foot, shin and knee and may cause pain in all those areas.

*UNDERPRONATION (definition) – Insufficient inward roll of the foot after landing. This places extra stress about the foot and can result in iliotibial band syndrome from the knee, Achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis.

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